Learn The Common Phrases of English & Malay

Learn The Common Phrases of English & Malay

Welcome to Malaysia!

Learning the language of Bahasa Malaysia (also known as Malay language or sometimes just "Bahasa" or "Bahasa Melayu")

Did you know that most scholars agree that this language originated from Riau region in Sumatra? However, overtime the Malay language have been influenced by Sanskrit, Kawi, Jawi, Tamil, Portuguese, Chinese and English.

In Malaysia, the majority speaks English too, however a little effort to learn Malay will earn you a smile, willing assistance from the locals and even earn you big brownie points with the locals!

The vowel sounds in Malay are :

'a' - "hard"

'e' - "her"

'i' - "in"

'o' - "okay"

'u' - "suit"


'c' pronounced as "ch" like "chain"

'sy' pronounced as "sh" like "share"

Here are some common Malay phrases to get you started!

Common Phrases:


What about Babywearing?

In Bahasa it's called "Pengendong bayi"

Have a great day!

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