Babywearing Consultation

Good news! We are delighted to offer babywearing consultancy services to parents in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor). We offer a wide range of babywearing services including an one-on-one home consultation, small group babywearing workshops, and babywearing instructions consultation for Postnatal and Confinement Centre. Unison CA’s mission is to help everyone enjoy babywearing to the fullest while finding comfort, joy, ease and convenience. 

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For expectant and new parents, we give you the chance to witness a wide range of carriers demonstrated, trying them on yourself, either with our demo doll or your own baby. We allow ample of time for questions, babywearing safety discussion, and learn the skills required to carry your baby comfortably and confidently right from the very start. For those who already bought your baby carriers, you will have the chance to explore new skills such as wrap, slings, test drive a new carrier, or increase the versatility of your existing carrier.

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Our main trainer: Mummy Charmaine

Workshop Available
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The nurturing parents workshopBabywearing WorkshopThe nurturing parents workshopBabywearing Workshop

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