Mummy Charmaine is one of our founder of Unison CA. She is a Certified Babywearing Consultant trained by School of Babywearing, UK. She is also breastfeeding counsellor and admin for largest breastfeeding group in Malaysia, which is The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN). Mummy Charmaine has a simple and lovely family, a mompreneur with over 7 years of experience in the baby industry. She is passionate and actively promotes breastfeeding and babywearing to new parents to help them overcome postnatal challenges. Mummy Charmaine is sharing her knowledge in postnatal home & confinement centre in Malaysia. She also encourages healthy and balance family life by introducing attachment parenting. Her mission is always spreading the love and touching thousand of life every years.

Is the power of touch the secret to a stronger bond? Watch this to find out more.

Have a fussy baby? Learn how to calm a crying baby in 2 minutes.

There is too many types and styles of baby carriers, as well as brands available in the market today. Mummy Charmaine can help you work out what is the best carrier to suit your needs and that you will find comfortable. She also make sure you know how to use it well so that your baby is positioned safely and in a way that keeps them comfortable and in a good position for their physical development. It is possible to work with a carrier you already have, or Mummy Charmaine can show you a range of good options.

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