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  • UNISON CA Marketing - Chua Lih Gin

    Chua Lih Gin

    Bought a Pittari and wasn't sure how to use it. But help was just a message away. And a friendly and helpful Charmaine came to the rescue. She even offered to video call me and teach me how to use it. Thanks to the advanced technology and also of her arranging her time despite being busy with family. Kudos to you! Hope you sell plenty. Will definitely recommend to others!

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  • UNISON CA Marketing - Jillian Teoh

    Jillian Teoh

    As first time parents, most people told us "you will spoil a baby by holding too much". Of course, this is not true! � Babywearing has allow my baby stay close to me whenever I was busy with house chores, go for evening walk, shopping etc. I'm glad that I get to know about babywearing from Unison CA during my confinement at Gina's Place. I bought Pittari wrap and then EU SPC few months later. Babywear consultancy service by Mummy Charmaine has taught me the correct way on babywearing. Thank you so much Mummy Charmaine and Unison CA �

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  • UNISON CA Marketing - ChenYee Chan

    ChenYee Chan

    So glad that I bought the pittari wrap! We bought a stroller for my baby but he hates it. He cries everytime we put him in the stroller. I quickly did some research around and came across pittari wrap. I really wanted the closeness of having my baby on my body as much as possible as he is a high needs baby. I also love that I can do other things (like eat and drink) while having him attached. This has been so perfect for my baby. He falls asleep almost instantly when he's in it. Highly recommend it for moms who want their baby close and their hands free!

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  • UNISON CA Marketing - Stella Khoo

    Stella Khoo

    No regret having my Pittari wrap to babywear! My baby is so close to me when I wrap her and she can sleep soundly in my chest whilst I can be handsfree doing others stuff eg. Shopping, eating... My baby is so secure & comfortable 😊 Luckily I met this super supportive lady boss Mummy Chairmaine who provide me advices during the start of using this wrap as I’m a newbie to babywrap. Be calm for the start & 99% like to be babywrap!

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  • UNISON CA Marketing - Momo Wei

    Momo Wei

    While pregnant, I never considered baby wearing. But Mummy Charmaine’s live demo on a real baby convinced me that’s the best way to bond with my child ♥️ I love how she feels safe with me and always looking at me lovingly in close range... She will only be a baby for such a short time, I wouldn’t mind her finding me her best comfort zone! I’m both Pittari and Suppori users, thanks to the compassionate Mummy Charmaine from Unison CA~

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  • UNISON CA Marketing - Ong Chai Ling

    Ong Chai Ling

    Suppori baby carrier is the only solution for me as a mother of 3 kids..its lightweight and handsfree makes it easy for me to bring along and put inside my slim bag and use it whenever i need it compared to those bulky baby carrier ..and the one i love the most is the trendy nursing cover Kurumi that looks so natural when i am nursing ....my baby can enjoy his food while i am having my meals in the public together without feeling awful...and it's multifunction makes it a must to have for a nursing mum that u definitely wont regret!!!

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