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Freshly produced dried Veggie Pasta. Suitable for babies as young as 6 mths old. Let your babies explore more vegetables at young age.

No more boring porridge meal like olden days. Let them think eating is fun & interesting by introducing our colourful Veggie Pasta.

The most important things is our vegetable not including cooling vegetable such as tomato , cauliflower, cabbage, etc. It is very important for young babies cz their tummy very easily bloated due to wind. Eventho those cooling vegetables are good in vitamins & nutrients too but I will prevent it for young age babies.

Self-made Homemade Veggie Pasta
💯 natural from Vegetables
❌ cooling vege such as tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, etc
❌ egg
❌ salt
❌ artificial colouring
❌ artificial flavouring preservatives MSG

Our Veggie Pasta colours are much more vibrant compare to others because it contain up to 50% of vegetables fibers in the pasta. The darker colour of the pasta the higher vegetables content in it.

Let the kids to explore colors, shapes and textures while chowing down these nutrient-packed healthy veggie pasta!

We have 2 versions.

8-10 types of vegetable fibres (Corns, Pumpkins, Broccoli, Red Capsicums, Orange Carrots, Purple Carrots Orange Sweet Potatoes, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Red Amaranth, Beetroots) & unbleached wheat flour.
NATURAL Veggie Pasta: wet market vegetables, normal wheat flour, water
ORGANIC Veggie Pasta: organic vegetables, organic wheat flour, water

Up to 50% vegetables fibers! Not just vegetable juice.
NO egg, salt, sugar, oil, artificial coloring/flavoring/preservatives, MSG

Quoting Mommy Denise:
We buy fresh vegetables to produce the freshest pasta and we use generous amount of vegetables to give the best nutrients to you and your kids.

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