Washing Your baby carrier

Washing baby carrier too often can lead to fading and aging. We do not recommend you to routinely wash it unless it is dirty.

If you feel really need to wash the baby carrier, please do.

Here is a simple tips:-

Firstly, use a baby wipe or flannel to remove the dirt as much as possible. Then wash at 30 degrees on a delicate/hand wash with cool water with an extra rinse. Please use detergent that:

  • does NOT contain optical brighteners (please check the ingredients listed)
  • is preferably a liquid
  • is preferably non biological

Please shape and allow to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry or iron.

Here is how to machine-wash and dry specific types of baby carriers:

For soft structure carriers (i.e. EU SPC): buckle all buckles and remove any removable pieces like chest clips, support belts, sleeping hoods or hood rests. Dry on low until damp and then hang to dry the rest of the way.

For ring slings (i.e. SUKKIRi): unthread the sling from the rings and wash the ring sling in mesh sweater bag to minimize twisting and banging of the rings. Cover the both rings with a sock to prevent the rings to hitting your washing machine. Dry on low.

For hybrid stretch wraps (i.e. PITTARi): wash the wrap in a mesh sweater bag.

For pouch sling (i.e. SUPPORi): wash it in a mesh sweater bag.

For stretchy wraps: these are the exception to the rule, because they can be washed and dried normally as you would a t-shirt. For dark colors, I would wash on cold, separate from other clothing, for the first wash.

For woven wraps: it’s especially important to follow manufacturer instructions, as some wraps have pre-shrunk fabric and others are meant to shrink to the correct length after the first washing. In general, dry only on very low or better yet, hang dry to avoid shrinking.

For mei tais: wash the mei tai a very large pillowcase or mesh sweater bag to minimize strap twisting. Dry on low until damp and then hang to dry. Iron the straps while still slightly damp to get any wrinkles out.

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