Working From Home

Working From Home

Often, we wish we can work from home - skipping the traffic, sleeping in, sneaking a nap and just enjoy not being in the office. This year, our wish came true for most people thanks to the pandemic, but do they really love it or was it not as great as imagined? Surely, you get really excited at first that your wish came true and you can’t wait to enjoy it but it does come with more commitment especially for parents and it might be the beginning of a nightmare. Juggling between work and kids at home without a helper is certainly not an easy task. Imagine being on an important video call with your kids screaming for your attention in the background or pulling you away from the table just for a snack or playtime. To them, it really is a dream come true with you being home and them not going to school (means play time 24/7) and all hell breaks loose. Many will lose their focus, patience and sanity over this sudden change. We are sharing a few tips to help you get through the day:

  • Set a schedule with your kids on screen time, homework time, play time and attention time
  • Manage your expectations – Don’t go crazy when things don’t go the way you expect it to be, keep calm and improvise
  • Create new activities – Come up with new activities that they have not tried before to keep them intrigued and occupied
  • Set your priorities – Work is important but some e-mails can wait for a few minutes for you to let your kids know that they are not being ignored
  • Get help – Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family members, relative or even paid help
  • Enjoy the time – As tough as it can be, try to relax, stay calm and enjoy the moments you have being a work from home parent, it won’t last long

For kids under 2, yes, we feel your pain, it’s way tougher with the super clingy mode on that may or may not due to teething, growth spurt, attention seeking. In this case, baby wearing definitely can help, not only to free your hands but also to comfort the clingy child while you do your work. With the convenience of baby wearing, mummies can discreetly breastfeed even while having a video call meeting. Baby wearing can bring you lots of joy and convenience during these important times and get you your sanity back – it’s a win-win situation. You can simply shop all the available baby carriers here. And now you can even rent a carrier from us, isn’t it great?! 


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