Babywear to become far more efficient mummy

Babywear to become far more efficient mummy

There is many discussion about carrying baby in baby carrier, is good or bad?

Some research have been done and we try to put in more simple sentence for easy understanding.

1) My baby keep crying for no reason, what should I do?

A simple act of holding/carrying your baby has significant positive effects for babies.
There is a research from Pediatrics shows that carried babies has a huge reduction of crying time. A baby who received supplemental carrying cried and fussed 43% less in overall. And the 51% less during the evening hours (4pm ~ midnight).
Similar but smaller decreases occurred at 4, 8, and 12 weeks of age.

The conclusion of the research show that supplemental carrying modifies "normal" crying by reducing the duration and altering the typical pattern of crying and fussing in the first 3 months of life. The relative lack of carrying in our society may predispose to crying and colic in normal infants.

>> Babywearing is one of the best & direct solution.


2) Why my baby wants to be carried all the time?

It could be many reason. One of the most common reason is insecurity due to “womb-to-world” transition. He spent 9 entire months in mother’s warmth and cozy womb, and he come to a total brand new world. He miss the sound of heartbeat, body temperature and smell, especially from the mother who has umbilical connection with him. It is absolutely normal on this transition period.

>> Babywearing is one of the solution.

(If you interested to know more, I recommend to attend The Nurturing Parents Workshop by The Nurturing Parents Centre)

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3) Carrying baby can cutting down the painful medical procedures in newborns?
Skin-to-skin carrying is appears to reduce the pain in medical procedure such as heel stick, venous puncture, and injections. It also has substantial effects on baby’s ability to breastfeed well, and regardless of feeding method. Carrying babies absolutely helps you bond with you little ones.

>> Babywearing is one of the solution.

4) Can babywearing help reflux?
Wearing a child upright helps to keeps acid down with the aid of gravity, it also helps to expedites the transition of food from stomach to bowels, means less vomiting or acid coming up. A good positioning in baby carrier helps to increase successful winding and helps to reduce discomfort from reflux.

>> Why not to give a try to babywear?


5) Will I spoil my baby by carrying him?
Newborn baby has not learned how to manipulate you, he crying because that’s the only language he can hint you on his uncomfortable, hungry, tired, lonely and etc. A spoiled child usually is someone who cry manipulatively to get you to do something for them, approx. on their 9 months when he start playing with his toy. Therefore it is no way to spoil a baby by carrying them.

Instead, carrying your baby is helping them to develop and understand about ~ LOVE. 

>> Babywearing is helps to free your hands to do other things.

In Conclusion, i can say that:

Contented baby + Two arms free = Far More Efficient Mom

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