6 Tips To Know More About Tandem Babywearing

6 Tips To Know More About Tandem Babywearing

When you do a quick search on Google on "Babywearing" you will find plenty of info about it! However, for families with two young baby or child, most will never dare to consider the thought of babywearing TWO children at the same time. It may sound absurd for some but trust us! We know a few moms & dads who does tandem babywearing at one go.

If you are reading this, means you're considering this idea too! Imagine being able to go out with both of your lil ones attached to you! Come let us share a few tips for successful tandem babywearing

What you would require?
2 Soft Structured Carriers/Wrap/Ring Sling (eg. EU SPC, SUKKIRi, SUPPORi etc)

Tips #1
Practice makes perfect! At the beginning, practice with another adult who can help do up the buckles and hand you the straps. It gets easier to do it by yourself with practise.

Tips #2
Since the straps from both SSC carriers will overlap, put the youngest child on first. Because of the straps overlapping, you won’t be able to adjust the straps when you’re carrying both children. Hence, you will need the snuggest, most supportive fit for the youngest one. Just take note that the waist belt on the front carrier will be higher up on your torso and the shoulder straps will be closer to your neck.

slide SPC 1

Tips #3
The back carrier’s waist belt should fit right below the front carrier’s, on your hips. The shoulder straps should sit further out on your shoulders than the front carrier’s. Ensure that it is nicely secured.

Tips #4
Refrain from bending down to get something unless you’re confident you can get back up!! Because with a small baby and a toddler, that’s an extra 40-50 kgs that your legs aren’t used to lifting. A good exercise to have while taking a stroll with them.


Tips #5
One of the benefits of tandem babywearing is watching the kids interact while they’re both being carried. While it’s certainly the most practical mode of transportation for us these days, it’s also the most rewarding.

Tips #6
While babywearing is easy and convenient to travel on-the-go with and great bonding moments with the parent-child; Remember not to overdo it. Refrain from extreme exercise or motion while tandem babywearing and do not tandem babywear for too long, take a break once in awhile. We may be WonderMoms & Captain Dads but we still deserve a rest. Do not overstrain yourself as you are supporting extra weight on your body.

Hopefully these tips will help give you more light to tandem babywearing and it is possible with the right carriers, just like our Mummy Charmaine here, with the SUPPORi tandem babywearing!

Mummy Charmaine Tandem Babywearing

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