Planning Your Birth Plan

Planning Your Birth Plan

Your birth plan is one of the most recent trends in new parenting these days. Especially with the help of Google, the information online out there are abundance!

Although many are still unsure or unaware how to go about this and whether or not if it is necessary?

There are many ways to plan your birth plans and discuss with your gynaecologist, midwives, nurses and paediatricians. However the most important thing to decide with your partner while you are expecting is your birth options.

Which birth options are you opting for?

1. Natural birth (Hypnobirthing)

2. Normal birth (Follow Hospital SOP)

3. Caesarean (Scheduled surgery)

4. VBAC (aka Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)

Our advise is Google these info online and decide. Or speak with your gynaecologist and see what they suggest for you as everyone will have a different pregnancy journey. Just keep an open heart and an open mind to whatever anyone suggests and weigh your options with whichever that is most comfortable for you and your body.

Remember this, only you know your body best. If you feel uncomfortable with your current gynaecologist, maybe you can consider a second opinion from another gynaecologist and then you make your decision who to go with for your birthing experience. At the end of the day, the choice is in your hands.

We have come across many mothers in Malaysia who goes for scheduled check-ups at both Private & Government Hospitals/Clinics.

So weigh your options and once you have decided then you plan your birth plan. Here are some found online that you can use and edit. It's free! (Just Google)

1. Mother-to-earth.comBirth Plan Icons Download

2. Birth Plan Iconsby slidewithme

3. BirthPlan Templates and Examples on Pinterest

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If you can't decide, join antenatal classes at your local hospital's for more info. We would also highly recommend Birthwise Workshop on Natural birthing. Find out more info here.

If you do join Birthwise Workshop, you will be lucky to meet us there as we are one of the sponsors and our booth is there along with Mummy Charmaine that will be there to provide you with her amazing advise and tips on babywearing with ease for you and your lil one.

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