Benefits of Babywearing & Reflux

Benefits of Babywearing & Reflux

Do you know that every newborn baby will experience reflux atleast once in their life and some more frequent than the rest. So what is this reflux?

Well, there's 2 types to know of; Silent Reflux where the acid may rise up from the gut to the throat of the baby and the most common Classic Reflux where the baby throws up or vomits out partial or almost all their feed.

Rest assured, it's also normal for a baby to vomit a small amount of milk that won't affect them at all. However, if your baby is showing signs of the following then it may be a sign they are experience a reflux;

1. Hiccups or coughing

2. Refusing feeds, gagging or choking

3. Excessive crying

4. Crying during feeding

5. Frequent ear infections

6. Spitting up milk during or after feeds (in part or whole) frequently in a day

7. Blocked nose not from cold and it worsens when baby is lying down

8. Arching back during or after feed

9. Drawing their legs up to their tummy during feeding

10. Loss in weight

So what can you do to help baby?

There's many ways that you can learn to soothe a baby with reflux. Babywearing is one of the solution.

Babywearing helps keep baby in an upright position. Which allows gravity to help keep the acid down so it doesn't come back up to baby's throat. Apart from this, an upright position helps expedite the transition of feeding from the stomach to the bowel systems. With the right carrier and the proper babywearing techniques, this will benefit a baby with reflux and prevent further crying, pain or discomfort for the baby.

Many parents are unaware of the risk of reflux. Especially new parents, therefore, it is especially crucial to note that when a baby is having reflux, it is not recommended to put baby laying flat on its back. Because the likelihood of a baby aspirating milk through reflux is hgher and aspiration is where food, secretions or liquids are inhaled; Which can lead to serious complications such as pneumonia.

Babywearing goes hand-in-hand into keeping baby from suffering through the reflux situations. With good positioning from a carrier with a wide seat plus being close with the parent helps the baby to feel happier longer, thus reduce the need to "snack"; Where most baby do "snack" when they are experiencing a reflux. Also baby's tummy to tummy with the parent helps keep the warmth and with the added motion of the wearer, it will greatly help calm the baby down especially if they're in discomfort.

Babywearing also provides ease to the parents to do other things hands free whilst keeping baby safe, secure, comfortable and warm in the carrier. Therefore getting a proper carrier for you and your baby is a very important essential to have for long term!


If you would like to babywear your baby and keep them safe and comfortable with you at all times but don’t know how or what to invest in, you can seek advice from our very own baby wearing expert, Mummy Charmaine, on Baby Wearing Advises, Tips & Tricks. If you purchase any babywearing  gears from our store at UnisonCA, you are also entitled to a FREE 1on1 babywearing consultation!

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