5S Tips To Calm A Crying Baby

5S Tips To Calm A Crying Baby

Here are 5S tips by UnisonCA to calm your crying babies!


First S: Swaddle. Take a square blanket, lay it down diagonally and lay baby’s head down on the folded corner and place his or her feet towards your body. Next you will begin wrapping baby up like a burrito.


Second S: Side-lying Position! In the uterus, babies don’t rest in an upright position.


Third S: Shush! The uterus is actually a relatively noisy environment, and baby can find a loud shushing quite comforting.


Fourth S: Swing! Babies are used to a rocking motion; it reminds them of home. Again, this works best when done in wide movements.


Fifth S: Suck! Having your baby suck on a pacifier, nipple, bottle, or even your finger can all be great sources of comfort to baby in the first few weeks of life.


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