Getting to know your baby (Part 2)

Getting to know your baby (Part 2)

In Part 1, we talked about the baby vision development, and now we will look at the baby Brain Development and how it impact with the way you babywear.

As for the development of their brain, we are aware that the brain of a newborn undergoes an amazing amount of growth in the first three years of their life, which is often called the ‘golden window’. According to various cognitive research, this golden window is the best timing for boosting brain cells through flash cards, reading, music and etc. In other words, their brain development relies highly on stimuli to establish neural connections (synapses). The higher the number of synapses, the smarter they are. 

However, does this mean that carrying your baby facing out will allow their brain the develop better? Purchasing an outward carrier will be a wiser choice? Sound logically right but the actual fact is much more complicated than that.


The key to brain development is “relevance”, not the amount of stimulation. Babies need stimuli to establish synapses, but at the same time, these stimulation can also create stress and over-stimulation can cause them to be in distress. Once their brain is overstimulated, not only will their development be affected, they may also withdraw or shutdown. It is also one of the common cause for babies to cry at night. Remember this, the younger the baby, the easier they are to be over-stimulated. That is why the stimuli given to them has to be relevant, with the right amount. 


In the Part 3, we will talk about the baby Psychological Development.

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