RAKU RAKU Adjustable Baby Carrier (Brown x Olive)

RM 199.00

*A modem twist on an old school style with RAKU RAKU Adjustable Baby Carrier*

From the manufacturer of SUPPORi, RAKU RAKU is close cousin of famous brand - SUPPORi.

Smartest design of X-Carrier which provide ergonomic position for you and your baby. Safe, comfortable, smooth and easy adjustment, you can keep the sun off and keep your baby snug with RAKU RAKU Adjustable Carrier.


- Compact & lightweight

- Buckle which is made in Japan with the durability of 70kgs

- Wide shoulder strap to disperse baby’s weight and make you comfortable

- Adjustable: smooth and easy adjustment

- Hood: keep the sun away and support your baby’s head snugly

- Hood: Can be used for discreet breastfeeding

- Ergonomic design: C Curve for baby’s spine

- Ergonomic design: Maintain the idea orthopedic position of baby’s leg into M Shape

- Smart design: Intentionally twist the carrier’s strap so that fits baby’s leg perfectly.

Recommended Age: A child who can support his/her head by him/herself (around 4 months old) until 3 years old. Around 6kg ~ 15kg.

User Size: Between 150cm to 180cm (EXCEPTIONS APPLY)

ATTENTION: Before using the RAKU RAKU Adjustable Carrier, please read accompanying Safety & User Guide enclosed in the packaging.

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