Coco Gel - 2 in 1 hot and cold pack (BUY 2 GET 3)

RM 25.00

Coco gel is special made hot and cold gel which made in Japan.
It not only can be ice pack, but also can become warm pack.

As ice pack, coco gel can gently keep you comfortable in hot climate, to keep your chilled drink/breastmilk for longer hour. If to put it on the baby stroller, it can used to prevent your baby sweating and feeling hot.
As warm pack, It can use to relief stiffness shoulder, muscle pain or to be good massage tool for breastfeeding mommy.

Eco Friendly
Coco Gel is made of high quality material. It is reusable - more eco friendly.

Coco gel stays soft even when it is frozen. Hence, it is great to be used to relieve pain / fever as it fits your body more comfortably. 

High Durability
Coco gel comes with 2 layers structure. When used properly, it could withstand a weight of 80kg. 

Multiple Use
It could be used hot or cold. It could help relieve pain/fever for both adults and children (4 months onwards), prevent overheating/chilling of the body, and keep food/drink warm/cold. You can also use it to relief stiffness shoulder or muscle pain.

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